Id #48 Discovery MindBlown Weather Terrarium DIY Build & Grow Kit



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  • Build Your Own Weather Simulation Station: The Discovery Mind blown Weather Terrarium transforms your home into your own weather station so you can recreate weather phenomena and grow your own plants!
  • Recreate the Water Cycle: Observe the stages of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation by collecting rainwater in the reservoir and watching the water cycle occur inside your terrarium globe!
  • Grow and Cultivate Plants: With your own seeds and growing medium, you can plant seeds inside the terrarium and watch them grow with the help of the naturally occurring water cycle! Just add a little water and watch the terrarium help maintain your plants.
  • Learn About Temperature, Wind, and Rain: The multitasking weather station lets you observe different weather phenomena, such as the wind and wind direction with the weather vane and compass, or the temperature with the real thermometer.
  • Instructions Included for Easy Assembly: A beautifully—illustrated instruction manual includes easy assembly instructions, activities for you to try, and a bonus sheet of weather-themed stickers. 
  • # Pieces In Set: 23
  • Included: 1 Instruction Manual(s)
  • Features: Stem Toy
  • Learning Skill: Science
  • Recommended Ages: 8 Years And Up
  • Measurements: 2.83 Depth/Inches, 9.06 Length/Inches, 8.98 Width/Inches
  • Assembly: Ready-To-Assemble
  • Base Material: 100% Plastic
  • Care: Wipe Clean
  • Country of Origin: Imported

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