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Ematic Tablet Accessory Kit With Speaker (EP218)

No matter where you are, the Ematic Tablet Accessory Kit allows you to get the most out of your tablet. With the bundled Ematic ESB107 Wireless Speaker and Speakerphone, you will be able to connect your tablet via Bluetooth and stream all of your favorite music and videos, both at home and on the go. Use the two-port headphone splitter and enjoy a more private, shared experience with friends. Or connect to a full stereo system with the auxiliary cable, and let everyone in on the fun. Keep your tablet charged either on the road or at home, with the included USB car charger or the USB two-port wall charger. Use the included cleaning cloth to keep your tablet clean, stave off wear, and preserve the shine it deserves.

Ematic Tablet Accessory Kit with Speaker:

  • Stream Audio through the wireless speaker
  • Keep your tablet charged with the Micro USB cord, USB car charger, and 2-port USB wall charger
  • Comes with Ematic Esb107 wireless speaker & speakerphone, Micro USB cord, USB car charger, 2-port USB wall charger, 2-port 3.5mm headphone Splitter, 3.5mm auxiliary Audio cable, and cleaning cloth

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